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...for free, no strings attached

01. define your brand

  • Name your brand

  • Define your niche 

  • Define your brand personality

  • Write a strategy foundation

  • Claim your domain

  • Set-up a business email

02. design your brand

  • Set on-brand guidelines

  • Choose brand colors

  • Choose brand fonts

  • Create a logo 

  • Create a style palette

  • Learn how to create branded materials + designs... EASY!

03. build your brand

  • Plan website content and optimal functionality

  • Build a Wix website

  • Learn + apply Wix tools

  • Optimize SEO

  • Launch your website

04. speak your brand

  • Learn actionable tips and best practices for marketing your brand

  • Create a social posting strategy

  • Create posting templates

  • Batch create content

  • Pre-schedule content to post automatically 

Meet your operational home base: custom domain email, calendar, virtual meetings, document drive, task manager, and more all on a platform that integrates seamlessly with others. It really IS that good.

This one takes the cake. Book, sell, blog, generate leads, manage workflows + automations, forms, member areas, a mobile app (and SO much more!) all under one small but mighty Wix website hood. 

Literally the non-designer's gift from above, Canva is THE powerhouse content creation tool. It's super intuitive and loaded with templates ready to customize. Is the pro account worth it? One hundred percent. 

ALL the posts 

for ALL the channels 


...and it's affordable. 

Consider your social media management = DONE. 

Mic drop.

inside the toolkit

with the help of four smart, affordable platforms 

inside the brand hub

in four focused video workshops

ready to finally figure out this branding thing?

the brand hub

what it is
+ if it's for you

Hands up if you are DIY brand-building and figuring out all.the.things on your own? Here's the thing. You are NOT alone. 47% of small business owners run marketing entirely on their own... it's a big job and, often, it's a blur. 


I've been where you are right now, and I 100% appreciate the responsibility every penny has in your budget. I also believe - with all my heart - that your business deserves to show up in the world as professionally polished as the vision you have for it... even if you can't afford to hire a designer or agency to build it. 

If you're ready to roll up your sleeves and do the work, the Morgatize Brand Hub will help you find purpose and clarity for both your brand and small business marketing. Inside the hub, you'll find a focused approach - for free - on how to build your brand strategy, brand design, business website, and social presence. If you're ready to take that guidance and apply the valuable dollars you have to four key platforms that allow your business operations to run seamlessly online, this is for you.

Don't worry. This isn't that same old, empty freebie offer with a slimy upsell at the end. The Brand Hub is here to support you because I believe that to succeed in business, all you have to do is serve. When we best serve our audiences with the genuine intention to help them grow and thrive, it returns rewards (for ALL of us) in all the best ways.  

Ready to dive in? Let's do this!

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Ready to infuse your brand imagery with personality? Let's complement your brilliant brand with magnetic brand photography.

Feature 03.

Ready for an expert hand to lend an ear, sound advice, and that edge your branding is missing? Let's uplevel your branding by working together.

grow a brand that attracts

Feature 02.

Grab a cup full of something delicious and dive in to read and share about all the things solopreneur life and branding are made of.

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