brand hub

Meet your operational home base: custom domain email, calendar, virtual meetings, document drive, task manager, and more all on a platform that integrates seamlessly with others. It really IS that good.

This one takes the cake. Book, sell, blog, generate leads, manage workflows + automations, forms, member areas, a mobile app (and SO much more!) all under one small but mighty Wix website hood. 

Literally the non-designer's gift from above, Canva is THE powerhouse content creation tool. It's super intuitive and loaded with templates ready to customize. Is the pro account worth it? One hundred percent. 

ALL the posts 

for ALL the channels 


...and it's affordable. 

Consider your social media management = DONE. 

Mic drop.

the toolkit

with the help of four smart, affordable platforms 

want to team up to brand your business?

the brand hub

Hands up if you are DIY brand-building and figuring out all.the.things on your own? Here's the thing. You are NOT alone. 47% of small business owners run marketing entirely on their own... it's a big job and, often, it's a blur. 


I've been where you are right now, and I 100% appreciate the responsibility every penny has in your budget. I also believe - with all my heart - that your business deserves to show up in the world as professionally polished as the vision you have for it... even if you can't afford to hire a designer or agency to build it. 

If you're ready to roll up your sleeves and do the work, the Morgatize Brand Hub is here to share the toolset I use to not only run and grow my own business, but my clients' businesses as well. The platforms are mapped out below, so feel free to dive in. If you'd like a little more support, reach out. I'd be more than happy to explore working together. 

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