How to DIY Brand Design: Free Resources Roundup

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

Whatever your niche, you’re building a small business in a BIG way. Or, you’re dreaming about it and noodling out the details. Regardless, THAT is amazing. It takes guts. It takes brains. Often, it takes the best parts of you and your valuable time, too. That's why it's a personal goal of mine to use this blog space as a vessel to provide FREE, superior quality resources (compared to other bloggers’ paid content) for all my fellow business builders out there. Spoiler alert: This article is loaded. So dig in, check out and enjoy all the goodies in this free resource roundup article. You may just find a golden nugget of help!

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If you know what CliffsNotes are, you're going to love what's next. As riveting as this first "DIY Brand Discovery" Morgatize blog series is (c'mon you love nerding out over this stuff too!), chances are many have not read each article in full. I created this brand resources roundup article to capture a highlight reel and freebie list for the entire series in one place. Let's hear it for time savers!

Get on with your bad self and scan through below. Pin articles to read later, bookmark resource links and be sure to download the freebies:


Read Article: How to DIY Brand Design: Strategy Discovery

Key Takeaway:

Brand strategy fundamentals include your mission, target client profile, unique value proposition, key values and your why. With the help of a free workbook, this article walks you through the steps in defining these elements for your business.


Define the ultimate brand strategy foundation for your business in five steps with the Brand Discovery workbook:


Read Article: How to DIY Brand Design: Positioning in Three Words

Key Takeaway:

Whatever you do, offer, or sell needs to fulfill a competitive edge against the other guys. Here, I lead you through how to communicate your small business' unique differentiators by creating a magnetic positioning promise in three words.


A free, down and dirty editable worksheet to help you apply this process directly to your business:


Read it: How to DIY Brand Design: Audience Targeting, Personas & Your Voice

Key Takeaway:

When you have a killer small business, it is excruciating when your customers are lagging and social engagement is meh. Here, we talk about how audience targeting, personas and YOUR voice are the key ingredients to brand recognition.


An editable Microsoft Word "Personas" template.


Read it: How to DIY Brand Design: SMART Goal Setting & SWOT Analysis

Key Takeaway:

Discover how to create measurable, actionable and realistic goals that align marketing activity, target audiences and the needs of your small business.


Grab this SMART Goals checklist. It’s your cheat sheet to writing perfectly clear, reachable SMART marketing goals.

Double bonus, I threw in a SWOT analysis template too. You're welcome :)


Read it: How to DIY Brand Design: Logo & Brand Identity Design

Key Takeaway:

It only takes 10 little seconds for someone to form a first impression of your brand’s logo. It takes an average of 5-7 impressions for that someone to recognize it. Nothing like pouring on the pressure, but yes. Your logo’s design is a big deal. We'll go through a list of the five things you need to design a DIY logo with killer brand impact.


> Get inspired with the Brand Designs board.

> Free graphic design with Canva or Gimp.

> Brush up on logo basics with Logo Geek

> Save time with a Free Fontviewer.


Read it: How to DIY Brand Design: Brand Equity

Key Takeaway:

Did you know that Chipotle actually started as a side hustle? We talk about what steps you can take to build positive, strong brand equity for your small business and what we can learn from the Chipotle brand story.


The foundation of your brand equity lies within your brand strategy. You guessed it. If you haven't already downloaded the Brand Discovery Workbook, get on it!


Read it: How to DIY Brand Design: Your Most Important Platform

Key Takeaway:

Your website is a critical, central hub from which you build the branches of your digital brand presence. Here, we cover the top qualities your website needs and the secret weapon I use for clients and Morgatize:


Read it: How to DIY Brand Design: Building a Village

Key Takeaway:

How do you build a community that not only engages with your brand, but buys from you too? Here, we'll dig in to make this connection with the four keys to building a loyal village for your brand that also grows your business.


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There you have it #dreamersanddoers. Dream big. Set goals. Take action!

If you're needing a little help along the way to figure it all out, get in touch. I can't wait to work with you:

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