How to write a meaningful mission statement for your service-based small business

What does your small business do?

Who do you do it for?

How do you do it uniquely well?

What is the value your customers get?

The answers to these questions create the roots for your brand identity. When you string them together just right, they create the foundation for your brand strategy: your mission statement.

Every single brand build begins with strategy. Every entrepreneur should be focused on it too.

Because if you want to stand out on social media, create high-value content, and attract a thriving community... strategy is the smart golden nugget that will set your brand identity apart.

Crafting a brand strategy that attracts begins with your mission statement. HOW you write it is where we put in the work to help your business stand out. You want your brand's mission statement to roll off the tip of your tongue. If it’s too complicated, too broad, or too cliché it won’t hold any meaning to you as the driver of your business, let alone your ideal target clients.

Besides, if you can't clearly say - in a few words - what you do uniquely well and who you do it for, how the heck is anyone else really going to know either?

In order for your business to stand out, the people who need you most need to clearly understand who you are and what you do so that they'll think of you first. Let's get to work writing a meaningful mission statement for your small business. To help us along the way, I would love for you to have a copy of the tool I use to kick off EVERY brand client's strategy build. It's free and it's called the Brand Identity Builder Workbook. Download this puppy and open it up to page 3.

If you have a current mission statement, jot it down in box 1 on page 3 of your workbook. Then, put that aside in your brain for a hot second, we'll be coming back to it. Next, wipe the slate clean. Using direct and succinct language, jot down your answers to the following prompts. I'll do it along with you right here:

/ What you do: brand designer and photographer

/ How you do it: build magnetic brands that express authentic personality and value

/ Who you do it for: service-based small businesses

/ The value they get: attract ideal customers and create impact

Then, string those deliciously focused points together, like this:

>>> I’m a brand designer + photographer who leads small business builders in growing magnetic brands that express authentic personality and value, so they can attract ideal customers and create impact.

The above example is great for personal brands, consultants, and solopreneurs. If you're looking to use your business name, here's another example:

>>> Morgatize leads service-based small business builders in growing magnetic brands that express authentic personality and value, so they can attract ideal customers and create impact.

If you had an old mission statement, compare it to the new one you just wrote. Which one clearly articulates your sole purpose as a business and the direct value you deliver to clients? That’s right, my genius brand builder. Nice job.

RECAP: The purpose of your brand's mission is to attract the ideal people you want to do business with. The first step to doing that is being able to clearly articulate who you are and what you do. Your newly coined, meaningful mission statement is the heart and soul from where you'll build recognition around your brand.

Morgan Kropa
Morgan Kropa, Morgatize LLC

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