Founder of Morgatize LLC 

Creative Director at Ladybugz Interactive Agency.

Consultant. Strategist. Designer. Photographer. 

Wife. Mama. Yogi. Friend.

On paper, I'm the corporate senior marketing manager turned freelancer when she became a mama. In life, I’m a creative jane-of-all-trades entrepreneur driven to help others grow their small business dreams with magnetic branding. Three kids and dozens of inspiring brand builds later, I am so grateful for that fateful step out of the corporate track. This work, the people it brings together, and the impact we create lights up my soul. Each client's business is serviced as if it were my own. Every client relationship scales beyond the scope of work we complete. Here, we come together to grow brands and build networks that help all our small businesses thrive.

I believe the secret sauce to empowering small businesses with a brand that attracts begins with meaningful design and ends with community. That’s why I take a different, community-focused approach to brand development. I like to call it, "whole business wellness." Think of it like this. Each part of the small business you run is intricately connected to the system of how the business operates, the people who make that system possible, and the amazing network of tangible and intangible resources that support it. So, when we're talking about branding your small business, we recognize that while it is a huge factor in your success, it isn't the only one needed for growing a healthy business. That's where community comes in, the Morgatize community. When our work together spans beyond the scale of what Morgatize provides, we have a dynamic and trusted network of partners to lean on. Together, we help keep your business fully supported, whole, and operating well.

Someone once told me that if your dream doesn't need help to grow, it's not big enough. Morgatize Partners are here so that we can help you grow, no matter how big you dream.



Whether you are just starting out or looking to grow, I'll meet you exactly where you're at. Our work starts with a conversation to explore if a collaboration is a good fit. 


Transparency, setting expectations, and creating a plan is  e v e r y t h i n g. Before diving in, we'll create a service agreement, secure your deposit, and align the service timeline. 


Execution spans across planning, discovery, creation, and approval phases. Built in revision rounds ensure on-point asset development. Timely reviews and responses keep timelines in check. Communication is always open, there are never any surprises, and our job isn't complete until you LOVE the outcome. 

hi. i'm morgan.

we can't wait to help you grow

brand design

Grow your brand from concept to reality with expert 1:1 brand development. Morgatize branding services are poised with a creative edge and polished with a professional touch. Services span strategy development, logo + style palette design, print design, websites, and social media marketing.

brand photography

Infuse brand personality into your small business imagery. Morgatize brand photography supports brand development service packages, social media marketing, and clients looking for authentic brand galleries.


brand hub

Welcoming ALL fellow service-based small businesses, solopreneurs, and side-hustlers! The Morgatize Brand Hub is the place where you can access key tools to build, nurture, and grow a magnetic presence online. It's all free. No strings.


mission profile


Brand Consultant, Designer, & Photographer

Morgatize leads service-based small business builders in growing magnetic brands that express authentic personality and value, so they can attract ideal customers and create impact.

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  • You are a service-based entrepreneur, small business, or non-profit.

  • You are ready to share your deeper mission with the world.

  • You believe in the power of community.

  • You believe in making a difference with your business first.


  • You don't have a business name or service offering. (Please come back when you do!)

  • You don’t plan on showing your face or sharing your story as part of your brand.

  • You are looking for overnight success.

  • You aren’t open to learning proven strategies that have sustained the test of time and ongoing social media changes.

  • You’re looking for a quick fix.



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