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When you infuse your marketing with images that are real, honest, and beautiful something magical happens. First, it feels pretty good to show up in the world at your best. Feeling confident and aligned with an on-point representation of you and your precious small business has that kind of power. The REAL magic though is the attraction that follows. Your new branded images with relateable smiles, hands-on details of your work, your space, your value... it attracts the people who need you most: your ideal customers. So, let's update that dated, same old headshot. Let's capture photos of you at work. Let's showcase the brilliance your small business offers. All you have to do is arrive as you are and then share them with the world. 

let's infuse your imagery with
brand personality 

capture your brand


stunning portraits


photos + social styling

starting at $2,000


show up on point

service add-on $100*

"Morgan is so wonderful to work with. Her vibe is pure light! You will be well taken care of and your needs will be heard. And best of all? Morgan will help you shine!"

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capture what makes you, you

Ready to express yourself beyond sitting and smiling at a laptop!? When you step in front of my lens, we'll capture that twinkle in your eye, the real smile you usually save for your plus one, and the visual details that communicate what you do and how you do it uniquely well. These are the vibes, the feelings, the elements that express your brand's personality... all of the things that make you uniquely you. If that sounds like your jam, I can't wait to connect and chat about how we can capture and showcase you at your best.

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embrace a seemless

Get butterflies just by thinking about stepping in front of a camera? I hear you and, oh my gosh, I really get it. The thing is, how will anyone be able to really see the exceptional way you serve the world if you don't step out in front and show them? With the most sincere transparency, I can share on behalf of my own experience that stepping in front of the lens, rather than standing behind it, makes all the difference in gaining traction for a small business. When we share and express ourselves, our brand, and our offers in a way that bleeds value and authenticity, it creates a relatable and magnetic professional presence. All that gorgeous mojo plants amazing seeds for client attraction to scale your business. So, here's the deal. You focus on being you and growing all those big small business goals. I'll focus on easing you through a seamless photography experience. It starts with an initial consult call. From there we'll knock out a comprehensive shoot plan, coordinate the location, navigate a relaxed session experience, and get you a timely turnover of your beautiful image gallery.

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frequently asked questions

  • What do I wear?
    Wear your favorite professional outfit. Wear a shirt that layers well with a blazer, jacket, or sweater. That way, we have the option to shoot for variety with and without the layer. Please avoid bold and busy patterns. Add pops of color with accessories like earings, a bold necklace, a brilliant tie, or even a statement pair of shoes. Need ideas? Hit up Pinterest and search "professional brand photoshoot outfits."
  • What do I bring?
    Aside from the necessities that you'll need for your outfit and (if it applies to you) make-up touchups, please also bring any brand accessories for your business. These items could include: - Business cards - Business materials - Books - Laptop and phone - Padfolio - Pen - Any specific accessories for your industry or business (e.g. swatches, samples, packaging, etc.) You do not need a ton of items. If you do not have any items, that's okay too! We'll have props available during the session.
  • "Should I get my hair and make up done?"
    When it comes to professional styling, thank goodness for those magic workers! Here's the catch though, for women especially, it's so important that if you choose to have hair and make-up done... that you do not get OVER done. You want your brand images to look and feel like you, not an over-the-top glamour shoot. Prepare for the shoot with hair and make-up that represent the best, professional version of you. I do recommend bringing chapstick / lip gloss / lipstick to touch up or reapply as needed during the session.
  • "You can Photoshop that out, right?"
    Remember the part where I promised to capture what makes you, you? This style of photography is meant to capture and celebrate you, as you are. So, when it comes to "Photoshopping" things out, I draw a clear line and like to manage expectations. All images with be lightly retouched as needed, such as on your skin or to remove minor blemishes. Reshaping bodyparts or rebuilding scenes in your images, however, is not on the table. What's most important is that during our session, we take advantage of flattering positioning and beautiful lighting.
  • "How long after the shoot will I get the image gallery?"
    When it comes to your gallery delivery, I pride myself on under promising and over delivering for turnaround time. So, I can pull back the curtain and share that typically, your images will be ready a few days after your session. During peek production times, the maximum wait time for your client gallery will be no more than two weeks.
"We won a branding photo shoot with Morgan and she was great! She was very energetic and professional and obviously loves what she does. We were thrilled with the results and continue to use the photos that she took to market our business. We would highly recommend her."

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Morgatize Branding + Photography partners with service-based small business brands that span creative, wellness, beauty, fashion, construction, biotech, coaching, non-profit spaces and beyond.

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