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Building an e-commerce brand for an interior designer

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

After our kickoff workshop, Tracey Deitz's words echoed in my mind, "Building your business in this industry is all about sharing your voice. It’s about being seen."

A seasoned interior designer and stager herself, Tracey approached Morgatize with a vision to build a brand that could equip other designers and real estate agents with the digital tools they need to launch their businesses to success. All too familiar with the delicate balance of working in your business and on your business at the same time, Tracey felt called to transform best practices from her own successes into tools others could use to create business growth.


Industry: Interior Design & Staging

Client: Tracey Deitz, TORRIE

Solution: Brand Strategy, E-Commerce Website Design, Digital Marketing


Tracey Deitz, principal of TORRIE, partnered with Morgatize to craft a brand strategy, e-commerce website, and digital marketing content. While the execution of the project was tactical, the impact marries nearly 20 years of Tracey's industry savvy with a genuine drive to empower other women-owned businesses within her industry.


For over 17 years, Tracey Deitz proudly worked to build a thriving, one-woman-show staging and design business from the ground up: reDESIGNed Inc. Throughout her journey, the number one challenge she continued to face daily was how to do more with what seemed to never be enough time. She leaned on sweat equity, working smart, nurturing industry relationships, and showing up at her best to create the successful business she is proud to lead today.

"I relate firsthand to the immense load it can be to 'do it all yourself' as well as the trips, falls, and effort it takes to build a business in this industry. I also believe there is more than enough work to go around for us all," she shared during a brand strategy session. "As small business owners, we create a name for ourselves through every job we complete and every piece of content we post online. Working fast while on-the-go has never been more important. I’m inspired to help us all do more without taking on more."

With this opportunity in mind, TORRIE was born. Next, all we had to do was build it.


TORRIE was founded out of inspiration to provide women and other business builders in the design and real estate industries to SHOW UP BIG online. With an impact-driven mission in place, TORRIE and Morgatize teamed up to execute the first phase of the new business build.

Brand Strategy

Now, as we all know, a residential contractor would never jump into pouring concrete for a foundation without first creating a blueprint for a home. That's why, when it comes to branding, we also never jump into creative production before first establishing a solid strategy.

Our first focus in this collaboration involved coining:

  • TORRIE's Brand Strategy: Mission statement, tagline, organizational values, target audience profiles, brand persona profile, and writing style guide

  • TORRIE's Brand Identity Design: Design aesthetic profile, color palette, typography palette, complete logo set, and brand use guidelines

With TORRIE being a start-up business, we also prioritized clarifying the meat and potatoes of what we set out to produce:

  • TORRIE's Online Digital Product Offering

  • TORRIE's Website Wireframe

  • TORRIE's Montly Digital Marketing Cadence

Creative Development

Equipped with a solid plan, we dove into action. I hit the design board to build TORRIE's website, coin website copy in line with her brand persona, and produce all the digital store graphics. We followed an agile approach where Tracey's keen eye and feedback were strategically incorporated every step along the way. This process was beautifully efficient and empowered our project to move along on time.

As we fine-tuned website testing, site backend settings, and SEO optimization, we also prepared the creative content for TORRIE's digital marketing activity. Batch content production and scheduling are perhaps one of the most effective time hacks available to small business owners who manage their own marketing. Following this approach and the targeted cadence defined in our brand strategy, we pre-produced and pre-scheduled 10 months' worth of synchronized social media content, blog article content, lead magnet resources, and email marketing touchpoints.

Go to Market

With the armory of TORRIE creative assets polished and market-ready, went live and our first content marketing funnel went into the wild. The magic that happened next? Tracey celebrated her first online sale. Within 30 days, we also celebrated consistently growing SEO and engagement metrics.


Interested in elevating and evolving your small business brand?

Let's Talk. I can help.

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